What is EPIC?

A range of innovative IP CCTV products specifically designed to facilitate the upgrade path from analogue CCTV to an IP solution.  A range of ONVIF compatible transmitters, receivers, Cameras and NVRs that send/receive video, power and data, over an existing or new coax (RG59) cable run of more than 300m.

Epic Security products offer the most cost-effective cabling solution for new IP camera installations and for migration of existing analogue CCTV systems to IP. Significant savings in both labour and cable costs can be achieved to give a competitive IP CCTV solution without cutting margins. IP cameras with a BNC connector ready fitted enable simple replacement of existing cameras and Receivers with BNC to RJ45 (POE) connection give a freedom of choice to use any ONVIF compatible camera. Transmitters, connected to a switch, convert the signal from coax to RJ45 and enable any ONVIF compatible NVR to be used.  The system is transparent, requiring no configuration or set-up.  Same brand NVRs and cameras work on native protocols if ONVIF is not preferred. 

The system,  can be used with any ONVIF compliant camera or NVR, from any manufacturer, to give complete freedom of choice for best of breed solution. The system can also be used in a variety of configurations in conjunction with conventional network products, such as switches and other IP devices



Typical configuration EPIC-8T


Typical  7T configuration