The Epic Smart Doorbell is a motion sensing security camera and doorbell combination that allows you to see who is at your door and answer the doorbell with your mobile phone or tablet device, wherever you are.  A motion detection sensor alerts you via a message and audible alert of anyone at the door and records the event on an SD card (optional extra) for playback immediately or later. When the doorbell button is pressed, the app is launched on the mobile phone or tablet device with an audible alert and on-screen option to answer or decline.  If answered, a live video and audio link is opened with optional on-screen push to talk option for two way conversation.




The EPIC-8R receiver works with any of the Epic transmitters and provides power to and video from any ONVIF compliant camera. A single BNC connector allows connection to existing or new coax cable for transmission of video and receipt of power from the EPIC-7T or EPIC-8T transmitters or the EVR-08/A NVR. The EPIC-R splits out video and power to the camera/IP Device via RJ45 and DC Jack connectors for easy installation.


The EPIC-R is transparent on the network, requiring no configuration for easy installation.


The Epic EVR-08/A NVR has the EPIC-8T transmitters built-in to provide power over coax to and receive video and data from, up to 8 cameras over a single coax cable run of up to 600m (see configuration options).  Used either with the EPIC-R receiver with any ONVIF compatible camera or with our own range of IP cameras, which have the receiver built-in and BNC connectors for easy connection to existing or new coax cable. They can accommodate a single HDD up to 6TB for ample storage



The EPIC transmitters provide power over coax to and receive video and data from up to 8 ONVIF compliant cameras from any manufacturer over a single coax cable run of up to 600m (see configuration options).  Two models are available:

Key features & benefits

  • Allows for existing coax cabling to be retained when upgrading analogue systems and can also reduce installation cost for new systems
  • Provides network connection up to a distance of 300m (RG59 cable) or more depending on camera and cable configuration
  • Power is delivered through the network connection with no need for localised power
  • Cormpatible with PoE and PoE Plus cameras (25watts)
  • Automatically connects to a wide range of POE compatible cameras with no configuration required

Typical applications


This device is a very cost-effective solution for any CCTV systems that require upgrading to IP video, allowing for retention of existing cabling. used with most camera brands in conjunction with the EPIC-R range of receivers or direct connection via BNC connector to the EPIC range of bullet and Dome cameras

EPIC-8T with a single BNC output for multiple cameras (up to 8) on one daisy chain coax cable


EPIC-7T with 7 BNC inputs for 7 separate 300m cables ideal for easy upgrade from conventional analogue cameras and DVRs to a full IP solution. Compatible with all ONVIF IP cameras using the EPIC-R receiver and directly with the Epic range of cameras which have the receiver built-in for direct BNC connection to existing or new Coax cable.


EPIC v conventional POE 


A range of Vandal-resistant bullet and Dome cameras with built-in IR for internal and external use.  Ready to use with the Epic transmitters and NVRs, they connect power, data and video via a single flying lead with BNC connector fitted for easy connection to existing coax cables or for new installations. With HD 2MP (H.264) and Ultra-HD 4 and 5MP H.265 versions, the range offers a choice of resolution and performance to suit all requirements.









EVB-2812 range offers an IP67 rated IR bullet camera with 2.8-12mm vari-focal lense.


EFB-36 range offers an IP67 rated IR bullet camera with 3.6 mm fixed lense.


EVD-2812 range offers an IP67 rated Vandal-Resistant IR Dome with 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens.