The EPIC transmitters provide power over coax to and receive video and data from up to 8 ONVIF compliant cameras from any manufacturer over a single coax cable run of up to 600m (see configuration options).  Two models are available:

Key features & benefits

  • Allows for existing coax cabling to be retained when upgrading analogue systems and can also reduce installation cost for new systems
  • Provides network connection up to a distance of 300m (RG59 cable) or more depending on camera and cable configuration
  • Power is delivered through the network connection with no need for localised power
  • Cormpatible with PoE and PoE Plus cameras (25watts)
  • Automatically connects to a wide range of POE compatible cameras with no configuration required

Typical applications


This device is a very cost-effective solution for any CCTV systems that require upgrading to IP video, allowing for retention of existing cabling. used with most camera brands in conjunction with the EPIC-R range of receivers or direct connection via BNC connector to the EPIC range of bullet and Dome cameras

EPIC-8T with a single BNC output for multiple cameras (up to 8) on one daisy chain coax cable


EPIC-7T with 7 BNC inputs for 7 separate 300m cables ideal for easy upgrade from conventional analogue cameras and DVRs to a full IP solution. Compatible with all ONVIF IP cameras using the EPIC-R receiver and directly with the Epic range of cameras which have the receiver built-in for direct BNC connection to existing or new Coax cable.


EPIC v conventional POE